It was in the year 2000 when we played our first show at the Volkxbad in Flensburg.

Two years later we came back to celebrate our Band Anniversary with a party at the
place where it all starts ...
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fl2_butch.jpg fl3_butch.jpg
Butch and Ted (who was unemployed and a little bit more wasted in those days) celebrating their 1st gig at after-show party 2000.
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Two years later we came back to party again . Like many times before our good friend Mr. Joe Budinsky,outlaw rocker from Friedrichshain opened the show with his excellent one-man-country-and-rock-show.
joe budinsky16.JPG butch meier5.JPG butch meier9.JPG butch meier11.JPG
Then we entered the stage to celebrate our "birthday" with a party-gig packed with all our hits.You can listen to a little livecut from this evening here.
butch meier18.JPG butch meier20.JPG butch meier13.JPG butch meier19.JPG
The crowd supported us with wonder-candles. A good birthday also needs some party-games so we started some cool happenings like the " Travel To Memphis Game".
butch meier16.JPG butch meier15.JPG butch meier10.JPG joe budinsky17.JPG
Butch and Jonnie handing out a signatured piece of the funbirds equipment to the lucky country-girl who made 1st place , before the show continues.
butch meier12.JPG gel.JPG
Eeveryone was happy , dancing, singing or trying out the fan-merchandise stuff like the "Memphis Booze" or the "Senor Barnes Hair Wet Gel".All in all it was a fantastic evening ,so don´t miss our 5 year anniversary in 2005.
( Big thanx to Teds brother Wanky, who was sending us all this nice photos ! )