Butch Meier - Photo Gallery

Here´s a selection of cool band photos, taken over the last years :


The Winning Shots - butch meier photo contest
Two Years Band Anniversary - our birthday party gig at volxbad, flensburg , november 2002
Sky Marshall Cover - watch pencil quincy´s (b.m. chief designer) fantastic artwork for the sky marshall 7"
Recording Session - some hot shots taken during the ´sky marshall´- recording session ,25/26 january 2003
Live´Schlachthof´ - great concert in hamburgs famous schlachthof hall , november 2002
French Fries Party - watch butch and his boys cruising the streets of st.pauli and visiting their favorite restaurant
Christmas Market - open air session on hamburgs most popular xmas market - rathausmarkt , december 2001
Butch Meier Calendar - some pics taken from the ´butch meier calendar´