Sky Marshall recording session (January 2003)
  Studio Report .On Friday ,25th of January 2003, we arrived at the Handgun Studio. It was a cold but sunny day.
  After shaking hands and a small "welcome-drink" with Mr. Fratz, we went straight to work. The sound was fantastic and after 4 hours the Skymarshall was ready to fly high on the top ten.
Check out the fancy sound effects on Butch voice in the middlepart. To sum it up, the result is just amazing and we never heard something like that before. We started drinking. We knew that we made a "number one smash-hit". The next day. At 8 o'clock, for Christs sake, Mr Fratz woke us up. He reminded us, that we had to record the B-side. We were shocked! We simply forgot about it! And we had absolutely No idea what to do, so we started drinking again... Our bad mood disappeared soon, especially when Jonnie brought in his brand-new fartpillow. That was just to much for our producer Mr. Fratz. There was only one solution for him to get the job done: He had to call a professional! He had to get "Mosquito" Hopkins! But when "Mosquito" entered the studio, Fratz was even more shocked. Hopkins was totally spaced out! Was that the end? Fratz took his coat and wanted to leave the studio, but Butch called him back: "C'mon Fratz, start your mashines."And we started jamming, Hopkins sliding like shit;it was absolutely super-touch-down! Friends, listen to the single and you will know what we are talking about! and if you aint got it- you better get it!!

much more photos from the recording session can be watched in the gallery.